Pandemic – What can I do ?

Pandemics – What can I do?

Alice M. Fisher asked a great question. “How will one single government worker riding the metro system everyday, day in and day out personally prepare and make a difference (even if you are supposed to be the last to go or shut down. Schools can close. Restaurants and roads can close)”

People can help in many ways.

First feel empowered. Pandemics by definition are horrible world wide catastrophes that no one can stop and have no defense against. So was global warming. People did something about that. President Obama getting elected was done by the people casting a single vote each, not a corporation nor a government. Even in the face of armed terrorists locked in a small metal container the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 stopped them. The fight against dolphins caught in tuna nets.

Second – be prepared not scared. Yes in getting prepared there will be anxiety but not paralysis. To be prepared one must be informed, supplied and trained.

Information is all over the web with sites that will respond to your questions. From to OSHA pandemic web site, Fluwiki2, Avian Flu Diary, Crofs Blogs. Red Cross Pandemic web site, Pandemic Flu Information to local preppers – there are people to ask. People have skills, perspective, ideas or just plain support. As Ben Franklin said “The only thing more expensive than an education is ignorance.” Do share the information as constant sharing helps weed out bad or outdated ideas.

Be supplied. Supplies are at ones fingertips and oddly enough many are cost effective. Having two, three or a month’s worth of food at home becomes cost effective by buying in bulk. It also cuts down on trips. It gives time for a peanut recall or other notice to go out before using the food. That can be a life saver. For many companies reusing older computers so employees can dial in from home gives both a second life. The employee can work from home when weather is bad and the computer does not end up in a land fill just yet.

Training. This is a simple as knowing how to use flash lights and battery lanterns in the house. Testing alternate ways to get to work or telework from home. Learning how to make bread at home or grow ones own food. Seeing which face masks work or are most comfortable. Testing different work modes at the office. Also to make agreements with neighbors for child care when schools and day care are closed.

Do not forget that being prepared you make a difference. Those who are prepared put less of a strain on city services during a post disaster. By being prepared the city can take better care of others.

Spread of the word. Even if people are not empowered, prepared or trained they can pass the word along to others who are interested, who can prepare or train.

Social networking is about getting the wisdom and ideas of the public exposed for all so people can pick up on ideas.

Just some pandemic prep thoughts. Know that you can do something.

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People can be prepared at home and at work. At work, know how your Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations plan works, where to find it, and your role! If you don’t have one, you should!

At home, have a list of emergency contacts, radio, flashlights, etc., – your Disaster Preparedness Kit. I’m sure everyone is aware of the great Federal Government website which goes over what to do! Here it is anyway, as it bears repeating:

Allen Sheaprd


Thank you for the website and it will be add it to the rescource list in the Pandemic group.

While people know of the list, I hope people feel empowered and moved. People who write on the pandemic blogs have said “With the ice storm in Kentucky, we where fortunate to be pandemic prepared. ” There is a ROI for preparing now. That has been an eye opener.

US dept of HHS is having their 12th webcast in April.

Lastly, yes the move to be pandemic ready has gotten some to also think Green! Its kinda odd at first but in preparing for a day or week without power the only solution is rechargeable lights and solar cell to charge them.