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Snow? Be prepared

Yes folks its that time again. Time to be ready. The national weather service in Wakefield Virginia says snow (source: For those, like me, believing the white powder stuff will come later, now *is* a good time to check winter storm preparations from last year. A dry run of sorts. Why? because we theRead… Read more »

DHS sets privacy policies for selected social media tools

More than discussion sensative material, embarrasing an agency or starting a movement – do not be “Big Brother” This includes personal identifiable information. How identifiable? Zip codes, phone numbers – along with normal informaion. Oddly Facebook and Twitter where not covered. Whole article at

Arduino – Open source code for hobbiest

Geeks or g33ks leading social media way? Web site explains a new USB attachable processor for reading lights, switches and sensors while controlling motors, LEDs and speakers. Web site : Not news worthy per se for people at large. Why blog about geek toys? Its what social media can learn. They have open source,Read… Read more »

St. Patricks day and Race relations.

How are race relations question was asked back in February. Tomorrow, St Patrick’s day, is a great example that we are living well together. Today is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil war – tomorrow many people regardless race, creed, color or gender will party as “The Irish” Many will dress up.Read… Read more »

NOAA and FEMA – Get ready for spring floods

While we should be prepared for all sorts of problems NOAA and FEMA joined forces to started warning people about spring floods. If everyone does this they will be prepared or partialy prepared for other problems like rain storms, hurricanes, blackouts, etc. How? The basics are teh BASICS! Flashlight, alternate place to go, camping stove,Read… Read more »