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Personal Contracts Tracker

You know when you click the “I Agree” button whenever you sign up for a new online service? Well, that’s a contract you agree to. 99.9999% of people don’t carefully read them. I usually don’t read them, and I write contracts for a living. But for the 0.00001% of people like privacy advocates that read these contracts, a contract tracker would be helpful, especially since terms and conditions change very fast for many companies like Apple, Facebook and Google. All online contract tracking I’ve seen has a late 1990s, Microsoft Outlook feel to it that isn’t modern, intuitive or attractive. My vision involves Facebook Connect, summaries of changes, alerts, and an intuitive interface.

You sign into the contract tracking platform and sign in with Facebook Connect. Boom. You’re connected right away. Any accounts you have synced to Facebook Connect automatically have their current terms and conditions loaded into Facebook, along with a summary of changes for each contract change, and alerts whenever the terms and conditions change. A clean, intuitive interface would also be necessary to get people using the platform.

Of course, it’s just an idea, but I see potential. How would you improve this idea?

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