Picking Up Where We Left Off…

Every year come August I sort of fall off the web for a month or so. It feels great to unplug, and it allows me to update my ideas/positions on things, by letting me distance myself from the ideas I’ve been constantly thinking about for the past 11 months.

This year was no exception. My last post here was in July. Since then, I’ve been canoeing in the back-woods of Canada here (so great, you should all try it), I’ve been road tripping, I grew a beard, I shaved a beard off. All things that August should be about.

Now it’s time to pick up and move forward again.

A lot has changed in a month, on the web, in the world of entrepreneurship, and in the world as a whole. My position in it, and my take on it all, has changed as well. I’ll get into that a bit in the weeks to come.

I’m very excited for this coming year (I count years as beginning in September). I’ve got some things brewing that feel like they’re going to be very good. It’s maybe too early to say for sure just yet, but they have a good feeling.

So: more to come. Look for new posts happening here again regularly, with a whole new outlook on things.

Should be fun!

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