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PM Podcast Episode 180 Premium: Leadership & Project Initiation (Project Leadership Series)

This week’s episode of the Project Management Podcast:

We are continuing The PM Podcast Leadership Series. This is the 2nd interview that I did with Thomas Juli (www.thomasjuli.com and http://thomasjuli.wordpress.com), author of “Leadership Principles for Project Success”. Last week, we learned about his 5 principles and how they work. But wouldn’t it be more interesting if he also told you HOW you actually implement these principles on your project? That’s what we’ll do in this interview.

The problem is of course, that we cannot go through a complete project implementation process and discuss all those leadership principles in a 20 minute interview. That’s why we decided to focus just on initiating a project.

Of course, we are also doing a book giveaway and we have 2 copies of Thomas’s book. As always: 1 copy is reserved for our premium listeners and one copy is raffled off via our facebook fan page. So go to www.facebook.com/pmpodcast, find the post with Thomas Juli’s book giveaway and leave a comment to participate in the giveaway.

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