PM Podcast Episode 182 Premium: Improving Your Virtual Project Meetings – One Tweet at a Time

This week’s episode of The Project Management Podcast:

In this premium episode of The PM Podcast we you get to hear more of Wayne Turmel’s wisdom on improving your presentations.

But not just any kind of presentations… Remember that Wayne is the president of, which means, that the one thing he knows more about than most of us is… well… how to lead great web meetings and how to ensure that our virtual meetings are without mistakes. That’s why my first question to Wayne is what he thinks are the greatest mistakes we make when giving virtual presentations.

The we will once again open up his latest book “#PRESENTATION tweet – 140 Ways to Present with Impact” and we will look in detail at a dozen or so tips on virtual presentations in more detail.

Of course, we are also doing a book giveaway and we have 2 copies of Wayne’s book. As always: 1 copy is reserved for our premium listeners and one copy is raffled off via our facebook fan page. So go to, find the post with this book giveaway and leave a comment to participate in the giveaway.

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