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PMLINK 360 is a web development company building web solutions for any industry that can benefit from stakeholder management software. They developed a stakeholder management system to help companies manage stakeholder interaction, increase efficiencies and streamline communications, enabling projects to be delivered on-time, on-budget and in-compliance with industry regulations. They adhere to methodologies based on simple, clean design, scalable database schema and easy, intuitive user-interface design. Learn more at www.pmlink360.com.

PMLINK 360 logoWhen you combine EngagExternal (a public information website) and EngagEnterprise (a complete stakeholder management system), you create a complete online communication system for your projects.

PMLINK 360 was one of NCDD’s All-Star Sponsors for our 2010 regional events. Steve Artis at PMLINK 360 has created a free account for NCDDers so you can try out an online demo of their software. Learn more at www.pmlink360.com/ncdd/ or go directly to http://demo.pmlink360.com (get in using the username “ncdd” and the password “connectnow”).

You can also download a 4-page case study outlining PMLINK 360 project with CapX2020: a consortium of 11 electric utilities in the Minnesota area that is proposing to construct approximately 700 miles of new high voltage transmission lines.

Discover the advantage of instant communication access for your projects.

Prior to the release of PMLINK 360, project team members often found themselves playing catch-up when it came to stakeholder management: who called and when; what did they want; how did we respond; and the list goes on.

Keeping team members on the same page with meetings, conference calls and project news is time consuming, to say the least.


EngagEnterprise is a complete stakeholder management system. Simple web-based software that helps manage the relationship between your project and its many stakeholders. It’s your 24/7 conference room, plugged in and ready for you to access timely project data, stakeholder contacts, permits and schedules – you name it, EngagEnterprise delivers it.


When it comes to project management, we know the importance of keeping the public – an important stakeholder – informed, involved and assured.

PMLINK 360 offers a communication medium for the public through a customized public information website. Completely separate from your project management site, a public information site is like havingyour own 24/7 public information officer. You control the content and the public gets the information they need regarding your project. It’s a self-serve information dispensary. It’s an on-line bulletin board. It will save you time and money.

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