Reaches Half a Million Visitors Reaches Half a Million Visitors

I’m making a weekend post today to thank all of you for engaging with me and reflect on my little project here at, so please forgive my divergence from the normal topics.

In The Beginning

It was just me and my blog. I wrote for the fun of it, and wrote for myself.

It was surprising how quickly people started finding me in those early days, and the discussions and relationships gained are priceless to me.

I Still Write For Fun, But…

Over the past few years those of you who have reached out to me with questions and shared your struggles have influenced me greatly.

So in the past few years my New Year’s resolutions have included trying to help twice as many people as I did the previous year.

It was really right around that time that I started writing almost solely on topics to help aspiring and new project managers.

So here are some infographics with interesting information about you, my audience. Thank you so much for visiting, leaving comments, and asking great questions!

Visitors Over Time

Although I’m not quite reaching my doubling goal and pure visits don’t necessarily equate exactly to my goal, these stats are a good proxy. I’m very luck to have a growing readership and students in my training courses.

For 2011, I used the statistics through the end of August to estimate what the counts will be by the end of 2011. Assuming the same growth rate, I hope to have over 450,000 visitors in 2012. That would bring total visits to over a million.

Where Is The pmStudent Community?

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