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blightSTATUS is an online tool that aims to answer the question, “What’s going on with that abandoned house down the street?”

Vacant and abandoned properties have become a huge problem for many cities. The story is clear: these properties drain city resources and cast a shadow over a neighborhood’s progress and quality of life.

The problem is a hard one to solve. Just try to find information about the status of a property in the blight abatement process – it’s harder than you think. Without a centralized place to access that information, individuals and organizations working to return these properties back to productive use are being held back.

By making the status of properties public and easily browsable, blightSTATUS will “help government and community groups make informed decisions regarding blight abatement, demolition and real estate use.”

Tune in to this episode where fellows in New Orleans, Macon, and Detroit join us to talk about how blightSTATUS can help their cities deal with the crisis of blight.

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