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Political law links for Tues., March 20, 2012

TESTIMONY ON POLITICAL FILE ISSUE. The Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government of the House Appropriations Committee held a hearing yesterday. The FCC’s potential changes to political file requirements was an issue in Commissioner Robert McDowell’s testimony, online here. FCC Chair Genachowski’s statement is online here.

NONPROFIT NEWS. Roll Call. “In an election that until lately has been dominated by super PACs, politically active nonprofits are the new bad guys, drawing ethics complaints, letters to the IRS and legislative action.”

STOCK ACT STOPPAGE. The Hill. “A bipartisan bill on insider trading that had been steamrolling through Congress has ground to a halt.” The Times urges movement here: “A strong final measure is needed if Congress hopes to repair public trust by explicitly ruling out personal investments made with the use of valuable information gleaned on the job.”

SUPER PACS AND INCUMBENTS. Politico. “A super PAC funded by a handful of Texas conservatives and a shadowy corporation is wreaking havoc in primaries across the country.”

JUSTICE AT JUSTICE AFTER STEVENS. The Post. “Independent investigators depict poorly managed prosecutors intentionally subverting justice.”

BUNDLERS IN 12. The Post. “Romney has assembled a broad roster of Illinois donors who have helped him bring in millions in President Obama’s back yard, part of a network of hundreds of major fundraisers nationwide that has allowed him to easily outpace the rest of the Republican field.”

TIMES ON STATE ETHICS REPORT. Here. “The study, issued Monday by a consortium led by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan watchdog group, found that most states shy away from public scrutiny, fail to enact or enforce ethics laws, and allow corporations and the wealthy a dominant voice in elections and policy decisions.”

WI FINES. Story here. “The fines totaled $273,390. They ranged from $20 for an improper corporate contribution all the way up to the biggest ethics fine in Wisconsin history — the $166,900 paid by Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. owner and president William Gardner for laundering campaign contributions to Gov. Scott Walker through associates, employees and a relative.”


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