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Good morning, here are today’s political law links

TIMES EDITORIAL ON VAN HOLLEN V. FEC. Here. POLITICALMONEYLINE.COM RELAUNCH. Here. Q1 FCPA REPORT. FCPA Blog. “But over the last three months, individual defendants captured most of the attention. There were acquittals, mistrials, dismissals, and sentencings that were all high-profile enforcement events.” STEVENS REPORT COST. The Post. “The mistakes by prosecutors handling the corruption trialRead… Read more »

Thursday’s political law links

BUCKLEY AND SEVERABILITY. Did you catch Paul Clement’s discussion of Buckley during yesterday’s argument? His references to the case didn’t generate any specific questions. All of the audio is online here. In part, Clement argued: “This Court struck down the ban on expenditures, left the contribution ban in place, and for 4 decades Congress hasRead… Read more »

Wednesday’s political law links

TOMORROW’S DISCLOSE ACT HEARING. The witness list is online here. CIVIL PENALTY IN RANGEL MATTER. Story here. “Veteran congressman Rep. Charles Rangel and his campaign have agreed to pay a $23,000 civil penalty in a settlement over the use of a rent-stabilized apartment as his campaign headquarters, according to Federal Election Commission documents.” PANEL WITHRead… Read more »

Friday’s political law links

STOCK ACT PASSED. News here. “The Senate voted 96 to 3 to pass a watered-down STOCK Act, which would bar members of Congress, their staff and some federal workers from profiting from non-public information obtained through their jobs.”. President Obama’s statement is here. PERRY PAC ADVISORY OPINION. Story here. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has beenRead… Read more »

Good morning, here are political law links for Wed., March 21, 2012

IE UNIT CHIEF NAMED. Roll Call. “House Republicans are appointing three top operatives to manage the vast majority of their campaign spending this fall, including the first woman to run a GOP Congressional committee’s independent expenditure unit.” LOBBYING WORLD MOVES. The Hill. MONEY EDGE GOES TO… Story here. “The Republican primary has become a massiveRead… Read more »

Political law links for Tues., March 20, 2012

TESTIMONY ON POLITICAL FILE ISSUE. The Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government of the House Appropriations Committee held a hearing yesterday. The FCC’s potential changes to political file requirements was an issue in Commissioner Robert McDowell’s testimony, online here. FCC Chair Genachowski’s statement is online here. NONPROFIT NEWS. Roll Call. “In an election thatRead… Read more »

Good morning, here are today’s political law links

SUPER PAC SATURATION. NPR. “The super PACs have advantages over campaign organizations: Primarily they can accept unlimited donations, allowing a few wealthy backers to give large sums, something tailor-made for TV campaigns.” REFORM AFTER STEVENS? Roll Call. “The release of a scathing report this week detailing widespread prosecutorial misconduct that botched the corruption trial ofRead… Read more »

Political law links for Tuesday, March 13, 2012

LIMBO FOR DONORS. Roll Call. “The extended Republican presidential primary has left many GOP donors paralyzed — unsure of whether to invest in the upcoming battle against President Barack Obama or focus on Congressional races.” SUPER PAC AND BACHUS RACE. Story here. “Beason, Bachus’ most serious challenger, hasn’t raised much money. But an outside superRead… Read more »

Today’s political law links

ETHICS.GOV LAUNCH. Story here. “The new website fulfills a campaign promise made by President Barack Obama to centralize ethics and lobbying information for voters.” OBAMA AND LOBBYING. Naivete? “So when the Republican National Committee uses those words from Obama 2008 to ding Obama 2012, it has a point. But the administration’s real sin isn’t beingRead… Read more »