Poll Results:

Last month’s poll for “How Did You Get Started as an 1102″ is closed and the results are in.

There were 52 responses in total. It’s worth looking at how many votes were for “Other”. While this poll is not scientific by any means, a sizeable portion of people that first became 1102s through another mean or means that isn’t identified by this poll.

  • 15 responses (28.85%) for “College/grad school recruiting (PMF, Pathways, etc.)
  • 13 responses (25%) for “Promotion or lateral from another federal job series”
  • 4 responses (7.69%) for “Transitioned from federal contractor”
  • 1 response (1.92%) for “Veteran’s preference”
  • 6 responses (11.54%) for “Military (enlisted, officer)”
  • 13 responses (25%) for “Other”

Poll Results: How Did You Get Started as an 1102? | All Things Sterling

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