Popular Culture vs Internet Culture

Ben Huh has a post on Paid Content that begins defining Popular Culture
and Internet Culture. http://paidcontent.org/article/419-a-guide-to-the-cultural-battle-that-is-reshaping-the-media-business/

Popular Culture comes from the media barons who think they should tell
the audience what to think, Internet Culture is bottom up, fools like
me. As the number of people who stumble into Internet Culture increases,
the number of offerings will swamp the top down offerings of the
broadcasters and publishers.

As each side spins the quality of “their” offerings, I am reminded of
Theodore Sturgeon’s
, “90% of everything is crud.”

Last October, Google invited Ben Huh to speak on copyright in
Washington, and he
was elegant
. In defining Popular Culture and Internet Culture so
the differences are sharply drawn, Ben is crisp and precise.

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Dick Davies

Hi Paul!

The mathematics of open source are that when it hits critical mass it gets big real quick! Did you know that there are now more Android phones assembled every day than iPhones?

I’d agree with “niche culture” if we mean ALL the niche cultures! *grin*

Paul Day

I’m not surprised about the Android. You’re right!
The problem with Apple is they prize the proprietary and that strategy is expensive.

Dick Davies

Of course, the other side f that coin is they have Steve Jobs who has invented several new product categories. No matter how good he is (exceptional), he can’t hold off the billions of competitors (the swinish multitude) of open source forever.