POTUS coming to your agency?

Federal Eye’s Ed O’Keefe reports:

Obama paid a visit Tuesday to the Environmental Protection Agencyafter making a similar stop at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Friday — events that mirror a tour of federal agencies made by first lady Michelle Obama in recent years. Aides confirmed Wednesday that the White House is planning similar stops in the near future.

The first visit was meant to bolster the consumer watchdog agency and its new director, Richard Cordray, while the EPA visit provided a brief opportunity to promote the administration’s work on environmental protections. But in speeches, Obama also delivered a personal thank you.

Read the full blogpost here: http://wapo.st/wVSoiE

Was anyone there for a visit from the president or first lady? Do you think federal workers will be more or less inclined to support Obama if they see him at their or other agencies?

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