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How would the president’s 2013 budget affect each agency?

President Obama released his 2013 budget proposal this morning, and our reporters are busy dissecting what it means for each executive department and agency. We’ve posted the whole thing here. They’ve summarized (or are working to summarize) the major cuts and program changes here. Want to weigh in on the budget? We want to knowRead… Read more »

POTUS coming to your agency?

Federal Eye’s Ed O’Keefe reports: Obama paid a visit Tuesday to the Environmental Protection Agencyafter making a similar stop at the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Friday — events that mirror a tour of federal agencies made by first lady Michelle Obama in recent years. Aides confirmed Wednesday that the White House is planning similarRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: White House proposes 0.5 percent pay increase for federal workers

Ed O’Keefe reports the White House is planning to propose a “modest cost of living increase in federal compensation” in the 2013 budget that “would be the first pay jump for federal workers since before President Obama ordered a two-year freeze in late 2010.” Senior administration officials said the proposal would require professional approval andRead… Read more »

What was the biggest #GovOops of the year?

For his Federal Eye blog this morning, Ed O’Keefe asked readers to help with his upcoming year-end review. Vote on or suggest what the biggest “head slams desk” moments of the year was for the Federal Government. Some examples include: — The Agriculture Department announces that Christmas tree growers plan to add a surcharge toRead… Read more »

What makes older federal workers’ job satisfaction decline?

Note: I work for the Washington Post to produce our weekly “Fed Buzz” column, written by GovLoop staff. The column appears on the Fed Page of If you have ideas for questions you’d like us to explore in the weekly column, please send me a message through GovLoop or email [email protected]. You can alsoRead… Read more »

Interns Incoming

This is an excerpt from my regular morning post on BeltWiki Blog from Read the full post here. Intern Incoming Summer in Washington brings thousands of interns who make the District home for a few months. With them comes the requisite how-to-live-here (without annoying the living heck out of the natives) posts and articles.Read… Read more »

Women: Put Your $%*! Hand Up

You can also read this post and watch the clip on BeltWiki Blog from Originally posted there on May 25. This morning’s episode of Morning Joe was devoted to co-host Mika Brezinski’s book, Knowing Your Value: Women, Money and Getting What You’re Worth. Guests included Newsweek editor Tina Brown, Carole King, Norah O’Donnell andRead… Read more »

Bragging Rights

You can also read this post on BeltWiki Blog by WhoRunsGov Washingtonians are notorious (mostly amongst ourselves) for talking about ourselves. Our affinity for self-promotion was noted earlier this year when the District was dubbed the most socially-networked city by Men’s Health magazine. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great channels for telling our friends andRead… Read more »