Praising WMATA tweet by tweet

Looking to offset the stream of negative tweets about WMATA, a new Twitter account is devoted to extolling the virtues of the often beleaguered agency.

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Daniel Honker

Thanks for sharing, Susan. I’ve long thought that WMATA’s customer service woes could be best addressed with better communication. I think people would understand the reasons for delays, track work, broken escalators, etc., but WMATA hasn’t been good at communicating those.

Susan Bregman

My research has shown that one of the biggest concerns transit agencies
have about social media is how to address negative comments. It will be interesting to see how people respond to a glass-half-full approach. The reality is, most transit trips are uneventful. But it’s human nature to take those trips for granted and to use outlets like Twitter and Facebook to express frustration in the moment.

Joe Flood

Rather than pushing out propaganda, it would be nice if Metro actually responded to people via Twitter. Whenever there’s a major problem on Metro, lots of people tweet about it but no one from WMATA responds.