Project of the Week: MLK Technology Challenge (#MLKTech)

Everyone has a wish list – we know that many schools have tech wish lists – nagging projects that just never seem to get completed; or fun, new and innovative projects that you need just a bit more capacity to get off the ground. The MLK Tech Challenge is here to help. The aim is simple: to connect schools that have technology needs with IT and web professionals, developers, graphic designers and new media professionals who are willing to volunteer their skills for good, by taking on these technology projects and giving back to a school in need.

Together with Aneesh Chopra from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Department of Education, and Learn and Serve America, we are asking developers to donate their skills for good on the MLK Day of to help schools check off some of those lingering projects.

Suggested projects include:

* Create a tech advice online forum for your school, and help answer questions on it.
* Create an anonymous web form to report bullying.
* Enhance the school’s website by creating blogs or discussion groups for various student groups, such as student council, chess club, drama group, dance troupe, or varsity and intramural teams.

The list is potentially endless. One of the primary goals of the King Day of Service has been that it kicks off a year of service – and along this vein, the MLK Tech Challenge can be a great time to start ongoing projects with members of the tech community.

Getting involved is easy. To learn more, create and register your tech need, or to find a project to get involved in, visit serve.gov/MLKTech. If you are on twitter, we are using the #MLKTech hashtag for this initiative, so tweet away.

This blog post is cross-posted from the United We Serve blog.

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