Promote me to my purpose and NOT a GS grade

While working in the federal government, I have witnessed many people accepting positions for money and not because they will acutally like the new job. I have insisted on only applying to government jobs that will allow me to pursue my passion or help me with my overall purpose in life. I understand that many people need the pay increase, but some people apply for the next GS grade to make themselves feel better inside. Some people want to take on a new challenge or would like to step into a leadership position.

As a public servant employee, I feel that we all need the money to survive, but we all should be passionate about what we do each day. Working for the government is a gift that many people take for granted and some like to boost their egos by getting a higher pay grade or a higher job title. I want to be promoted to my purpose, so I can fulfill my passion in life.

My passion is to be a social entrepreneur, I want to create a social enterprise company. In 2012, I plan to reveal my new business and I hope that I can change the world. But, first I would like to make a change within my government agency. We all have to start somewhere and we have to understand where we are first, before we can understand where we are going.

What are your career goals or dreams for 2012?

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