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You Are a Brand: What is your Self-Brand?

You Are a Brand!Destiny is a dramatic word—but really, the first step in branding is identifying your business destiny. Whether you are an employee or an executive, a professional or an entrepreneur, you need to determine your personal brand, the unique value you – and only you – bring to your organization. Catherine Kaputa DescribeRead… Read more »

Good Deeds from Your Parents

Looking back on my childhood, I was so blessed. I had a strong mother and grandmother who taught me to LOVE GOD. The importance of education was something that my mother stressed over and over again. My mother taught me to be humble, but don’t take the back seat to no one. I worked hardRead… Read more »

Do Dead Presidents represent YOU?

Happy President’s Day! Some people believe that the American dream is to make a lot of money, buy a nice house and have a good paying job. But, there are so many Americans that have a lot of money, a nice house and a good paying job and they are still unhappy. I wonder why,Read… Read more »

DigitalGov Social Media Open House

It would be inevitable to have Social Media Week in DC and not have a hosted event to showcase the exciting technologies and social media initiatives in the federal government. The federal government is a major piece of the culture in Washington, DC. The city of DC is full of historical museums, monuments, and federalRead… Read more »

Promote me to my purpose and NOT a GS grade

While working in the federal government, I have witnessed many people accepting positions for money and not because they will acutally like the new job. I have insisted on only applying to government jobs that will allow me to pursue my passion or help me with my overall purpose in life. I understand that manyRead… Read more »