Propose Topics for the Open Government Directive: Interagency Online Brainstorming

For Dot Govs (and others) via the MAX Community:

The Administration wants to hear your ideas. The goal of this inter-agency brainstorming session is to identify topics that should be addressed in the Directive. There will be 3 parallel conversations, one for each of the three goals set out by the President: Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration. Each thread will remain open for comment until March 6th. Online collaborative drafting sessions will follow in March. Register and Login to MAX (See the first comment for non-Federal access)

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Lisa Nelson

Actually, ALL government employees are invited to participate in the discussion. Anyone with a government email can participate (including contractors and state and local governments). If you are a government employee and do not have a address, contact [email protected]. In addition, OMB is developing a public facing website to mirror the same process running for the community which will be available in early March.