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Public Engagement is the Flagship

On April 7, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency published the Open Government Plan, an Innovation Timeline, and started a Forum Blog for Public Discussion. In a flurry of activity, following months of preparation and planning, the EPA completed the latest milestone of the Open Government Directive, and then some. But this is not the endRead… Read more »

EPA Open Government Plan is Published

EPA has posted the EPA Open Government Plan at several locations and in different formats. Additionally, we have started an Open Government Forum and an Open Government Timeline showing EPA’s history of innovations in public outreach, and milestones for the current Open Government process. EPA Open Government Page – EPA Open Government Forum –Read… Read more »

OpenGov is Real (I’ve added it to my spellcheckers)

February 6, 2010 — OpenGov websites and Public Engagement Tools A week ago, OpenGov with the progress of the Open Government Directive moved to a new level, and one that many of us in the community have long anticipated. The schedule laid out by the OGD prescribes an almost ‘lightening round’ (for the slow, deliberateRead… Read more »

Show Me Your /OPEN Web Page – Be the next…

February 5, 2010: OpenEPA is LIVE! #OpenGov” #OpenEPA They should all be open for ideas by the end of the day, or by tomorrow morning…OK, who has webpages up? Until the OGD Dashboard gets developed and implemented, how about posting your agency’s /open web pages here? Has anybody got one up yet? “ShowRead… Read more »

Please Add Your Voice to the OpenGov Discussion

UPDATE: June 8, 2009 — – flooding the OpenGov website… As OpenGov moves out of the safe area of discussions within groups of us (that basically agree with each other) and into the harsh light of the more public forum, the road ahead gets strewn with rocks, roadblocks and attempts to divert attention away fromRead… Read more »

Open Government on the Internet – May 15th at the LBJ School of Public Affairs

I have registered for this event and look forward to the speakers and discussions. However, I noticed on the registration page at, that the Presidential Memorandum on FOIA was referenced, but not the January 21 Directive on “Open and Transparent Government” See Will the May 15 event focus on FOIA or the broaderRead… Read more »