Public Kundra Goes Private

Change is one of the most reliable components found within the task of managing an $80 billion dollar IT budget for the US. Vivek Kundra exemplifies this as the former Public Sector CIO accepts the new role of EVP/ emerging markets for none other then the private sector, cloud-friendly app

A longtime proponent of cloud computing, Kundra has worked closely with US Agencies to mandate the cloud-first- initiative. Many Topics and policies such as data center consolidation, FISMA compliance, virtualization and open cloud have been under discussion. Additionally, heavy hitters like social and mobile technologies to benefit Government migrations to the Cloud were examined. His efforts to bring Government agencies to the cloud are instrumental in their value to the Cloud-First Initiative 2012. Now faced with the opportunity to fill rather large shoes, Steve VanRoekel has been selected to carry out initiatives Kundra began for our Government’s secure arrival to the cloud. Presently, Agencies such as DHS, DISA & DOD are actively moving forward with various forms of cloud migration. These include Email(EaaS), Platform (PaaS), Infrastructure (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies.

Many Government officials recognize the benefit of the Cloud-first initiative, including United States Senator of Delaware Tom Carper. Carper exclaims that, “We need to look into every nook and cranny of the federal government and find better results for less money . . . One of the great ways you can provide better service for less money is to do IT well and to do it smart.”. That is precisely what cloud, mobile and social technologies will do.

How does Winvale bring value to the government with regard to Cloud-first? We are the only Government solution able to provide agencies the best delivery of secure, cloud-based services at the Federal level. This, paired with executive leadership to strategize and implement Federal IT Solutions, sets us apart from the pack. The Federal Government is moving to the cloud at a rapid pace and they will need to purchase IT services that can scale within the agencies. Winvale is a leader in Government IT and provides its partners the opportunity to purchase these cloud solutions within compliance as well as within budget. To learn more about these opportunities and Winvale’s resller support click here.

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