Qwiki: New Way to Learn Contract Law

Well, I’m enough of a nerd to be excited about this. I knew Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive section on contract law. While you could read all the articles, a fast way to get summaries of it is using Qwiki, which reads aloud Wikipedia articles. The contract law section that Qwiki draws from isn’t perfect, but it makes learning more entertaining.

Do the following:

  1. Open the contract law article in Wikipedia.
  2. Find topics you want to learn about.
  3. Enter them into Qwiki.
  4. Go forth and learn.
To get you going, a few Qwiki contract law articles are the Uniform Commercial Code, Common Law, Federal Acquisition Regulation, and anticipatory repudiation.

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Melinda (Breidenbach) Catapano

How cool is that?! Never even thought of using Wikipedia for law-related information, though it’s one of the first places I look for other info. And the Qwiki does make learning more entertaining. Thanks so much for sharing!