Rant/Question: Will Email Die Already

I am sure I am not the only one but I am sick of email. It is a technology that has run its course but never seems to go away. I am sure most of you are in the 100 email club like me, meaning we get 100+ emails a day and it is sickening. We cannot take a day off, attend training or have lunch without receiving email.

Email was created to resemble that of the physical mail system that we currently had in place. Today we have the technology systems to create social structures and far more effective ways of communicating, yet email still remains the primary choice.

What do you think are the reasons we cannot get passed email? Will email ever die? Or do you love email and think that it is still the best tool out there for this type of communication?

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Corey McCarren

I’ve personally never tried Yammer, but I imagine that using that is a start. Project management internal networks to replace the dreaded e-mail “reply to all” thread.

Tim Howell

I tried to get Yammer going in my organization but it takes leadership buy-in which I have not been successful at getting. It is a cool tool but requires the people at the top to use it… at least in a small organization like the one I am in.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Not gonna die anytime soon. It’s still where people are spending a whole lot of time every day and the primary vehicle for communication beyond 140 characters.