Renewable Energy Powering US Troops Overseas

Marines serving in Afghanistan now have another ally on their side – renewable energy. The Quantico Sentry reported that the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment stationed in Afghanistan are currently utilizing a solar array to cut down the need for refueling convoys. The story includes a quote from a member of the Battalion who describes the success of the array thus far:

‘‘Our generators typically use more than 20 gallons of fuel a day. We are down to 2.5 gallons a day,” said Doty, 3rd Squad Leader, with 1st Platoon, I Company….‘‘The system works amazing. By saving fuel for generators, it has cut back on the number of convoys, meaning less opportunity for one of our vehicles to hit an IED.”

We’re glad to know that renewable energy technology is being used to help help keep American soldiers safer while keeping them well-equipped, and recommend reading the Quantico Sentry article for more information.

Photo via Quantico Sentry

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