Request Your Inputs For A Coming CTOvision Piece on Impact of Cloudera Impala, Search and CDH releases


We are beginning to formulate assessments on the potential impact to the federal technology community of some recent developments we believe will have far-reaching and positive impact. Over the last quarter Cloudera has continued to announce strategic partnerships, improvements to their open source technology integrations, and new capabilities that will improve the ability of organizations to make sense over their data holdings. We are preparing assessments on the potential impact of these announcements on the federal integrator community and on federal organizations. If you have formulated opinions you can share we would love to hear from you. You can be anonymous if you desire.

If you have not reviewed the news, here is a summary:

  • The enterprise standard for open source search is Apache Solr. Cloudera Search integrates Apache Solr with the 100% open source Big Data platform CDH.
  • This integration smartly brings scale and reliability to Big Data search. And it does it in a way that is easy on integrators and developers and enterprise IT staff.
  • The result for mission is speed in search results. Users are able to get answers quickly with user-friendly search and drill-down navigation. They can find relevant data across larger, disparate data stores of mixed format and structure. They can do this with faceted navigation and free text search. And this can be integrated into other apps via API’s.
  • This can all be done at a very efficient/economical way. The economics of index storage and document processing are incredibly virtuous. Additionally, operations and maintenance can be streamlined with search being on a single shared infrastructure with centralized management.
  • This supports many interesting use cases, including:
    • Scalable, efficient image search for analysis and research (Monsanto)
    • Log event management, debugging, and correlation to meet SLAs (Explorys)
    • Praoctive healthcare for returning veterans/identifying patterns in social media and performing an analytics on term usage to improve suicide predictive capability (Patterns and Predictions)

Ok the above are the facts. You can learn more about them here. But now we wonder what the “so what?” of this is for the federal enterprise and the integrators that serve the federal space are. We will be giving our estimates in coming posts in our Government Big Data Newsletter. If you have information/insights/concepts/thoughts on this topic please let us know.

Please take a moment to give us your opinion via the form below:

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