Millennial feds — Let your voice be heard!

Hi GovLoop community — This is my first post on the site and I need your help!

I’m a digital writer/editor with Federal News Radio. Many of you might know Mike Causey, Federal News Radio’s long-time columnist and trenchant observer of the federal workforce.

He’s going on vacation next week, and he’s asked me to write a few columns in his absence — some very big shoes to fill, even temporarily.

Because Mike has a large and loyal long-time readership, I thought this would be a neat opportunity to explore some of the misconceptions that older, more experienced federal employees have about their younger counterparts — the much-discussed “millennials.”

What are the biggest misconceptions about millennial feds?

Younger federal employees (younger employees, in general) are saddled with a certain reputation:

  • They’re entitled
  • They’re not good team players
  • They’re constantly checking social media, such as Facebook and Twitter (maybe even tweeting about their jobs!)
  • They don’t know how to dress appropriately for the workplace.
  • They take personal phone calls in the office, etc, etc.

But is this a fair portrait of millennial federal workers? What do you want your older, more experienced colleagues to know about your generation?

Share what you think are some of the biggest misconceptions you face as a young fed.

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Jack Moore

Thanks for the comment, Justin. Do you find that some colleagues view social media as a “time waster,” or that there’s some kind of almost inherent illegitimacy in work performed on Facebook?