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Digital Junkies (07/2011) – A new McKinsey report highlights a dramatic increase in the intensity with which people use digital devices and platforms. Nearly half of online consumers in the U.S. are advanced users of smartphones, social networks, and other emerging tools.

Mobile Trends (07/26/2011) – The fastest growing mobile activity is VoiceoverInternet Protocol (VoIP), which grew 101% in the first half of this year. The 2011 Allot Mobile Trends Report also found video streaming showed significant growth and YouTube accounted for a quarter of mobile data use.

‘Digital by default’ (PDF, 14 pages, May 2001, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) (05/2011) – Research from Fujitsu suggests that older citizens’ transitioning to online services could reinforce the ‘digital divide’. The report proposes governments deliver well-designed, multi-channel services that meet Web accessibility guidelines so online services can be used by anyone, regardless of their age and physical limitations.

Best Practices

Pillars of Innovation (07/2011) – Want to maintain a spirit of innovation in your organization year after year? Follow Google’s eight principles of innovation, which include: nurturing a culture of innovation, having a mission that matters, thinking big but acting small, looking for ideas everywhere and sharing everything.

Curating Social Media (07/25/2011) – Social media helped relay information quickly in the aftermath of Friday’s bombing and shootings in Norway. A Wired magazine article focuses on how professionally-edited new media feeds kept concerned citizens informed, without having to sift through an unfiltered global reaction.

Gamers to help Navy fight piracy (05/10/2011) – The United States Navy crowdsourced ideas for fighting Somali pirates … through a video game project.

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