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Innovation in Canada (05/19/2011) – A new report from Deloitte reveals the challenges facing Canada’s public service and the measures being taken to innovate. Recommendations for improvement include embracing public service innovation as a core part of strategy, sharing best practices and investing in transformational leaders. http://www.ppforum.ca/sites/default/files/11-916G%20PS%20PPF-Innovation-Strategy-report-EN-WEB.pdf

Guide for Local Governments (06/17/2011) – eRepublic’s Center for Digital Government surveyed local governments in seven major categories including IT governance, citizen engagement, open government and online service delivery to see how they are using technologies to meet service demands. Experts selected the best examples in each category and highlighted them in the following report. http://www.digitalcommunities.com/articles/Report-on-Best-Practices-Guide-for-Local-Governments.html?page=1

Best Practices

Developing a social media strategy (06/23/2011) –A good social media strategy should be integrated into the organization’s overarching goals. A new Publicyte article suggests developing your social media strategy only after careful consideration of your goals, audience and narrative. http://publicyte.com/designing-social-media-strategy/

Global Map of Social Networking 2011 (06/14/2011) – A new infographic by market research company GlobalWebIndex shows how the world uses social networks. In Asia most people focus on content sharing. In others, like the UK and Canada, more people put a greater emphasis on sending messages. http://globalwebindex.net/thinking/new-globalwebindex-infographic/

Tips for better Twitter chats (06/23/2011) – Twitter chats are an easy, low-commitment way to get involved in a conversation with other people in your industry. They are also a great way to network and get new ideas. A Mashable article suggests you will have a positive outcome if you’re clear about your goals and choose a topic people care about.


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