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The Power of Like(07/27/2011) – Posting content regularly on Facebook will result in reaching more of your fans, more frequently, according to a new comScore report.The report found for every fan, you can reach an additional 34 people who are friends of that fan.

Leading online activities(08/09/2011) –Search and email tied for the top honor of “most popular online activities,” according to a new Pew survey.Ninety-two percentof online adults use search engines to find information on the Web, the report found, including 59% who do so daily.Ninety-two percent of online adults also email, with 61% doing so daily.

Interpreting technology ‘hype’(08/11/2011) –Gartner’s 2011 Hype Cycle reportfound social analytics, Internet TV, private cloud computing, and augmented reality at or near the top of the hype cycle for over-enthusiasm, while media tablets, e-readers and cloud computing have matured and are bound for the mainstream. The report evaluates the patterns of over-enthusiasm, disillusionment and realism that accompany new technology and innovation.

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Developing Effective Metrics(07/27/2011) – A new GovTech article looks at how governments are developing better performance metrics through flexibility, strategy mapping, collaboration and governance.

What can web designers learn from video games?(7/27/2011) – Video games have great interface ideas that can be incorporated into your web design. These gamesinspire intuitive and fun interface designs.

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