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OMB plans transformational IT reform (12/09/2010) – 25-point plan requires all major technology programs have a dedicated, full-time, experienced program manager. Plan also includes closing 800 data centers by using cloud technology, and making it easier for the federal government to work with start-ups. http://cio.gov/documents/25-Point-Implementation-Plan-to-Reform-Federal%20IT.pdf

Australia releases Gov 2.0 primer (12/2010) – How-to guide for government agencies who want to implement Gov 2.0 policies. Primer describes common scenarios when agencies can use Government 2.0 approaches, and an overview of common interactive tools such as blogs and wikis.


“Best Social Media Customer Service” (12/09/2010) – Customer service is one of the top five reasons businesses use social media. Finalists for Mashables’s “Best Social Media Customer Service” award talk about how they use social media to provide technical support, engage customers, and build community.

24 ways to feed the blog beast (12/08/2010) – Need some ideas to keep your blog fresh, and inspire you to blog more regularly? Follow these tips to keep your blog interesting to you and your readers.

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