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Social media and customer service (05/11/2011) –The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found ninety percent of survey respondents want to speak with a representative on the phone rather than via social media, a chat program or another newer form of communication. People will use social media to spread the word and social tools help comments spread faster and further than with traditional word of mouth.

The “naked truth” about QR barcodes (05/2011) – According to Mobio’s latest report, QR barcode scanning rose an incredible 4549% within one year. The boost of QR campaigns (TV, web, print & the physical world) have been steady drivers for the increased knowledge and scanning. http://static.aws3.mobioid.com/files/pdf/The-Naked-Facts-Whiplash-Edition-Q1-2011.1.pdf

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Email: An Endangered Medium? (05/06/2011) – People are spending more time on social networking sites and less time on email sites. Since both channels are centered on connecting and communicating with one another socialmediatoday suggests that the move to cloud-based email services may be the first step towards using social networks to communicate.

Innovations in Government Awards (05/02/2011) – The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, announced the Top 25 programs in the Innovations in American Government Award competition. These programs offer unique solutions in health and wellness, social services delivery, the environment, economic development, and education policy areas. http://www.ash.harvard.edu/Home/News-Events/Press-Releases/Innovations/Top-25-Innovations-in-Government-Announced/Top-25-Innovations-in-Government

Yale’s digital collection (05/11/2011) – Thanks to a new Open Access Policy, Yale University will make its entire collection of high quality digital images available to the public. The result is that anyone will be able to use these collections free of charge and without needing a license. http://dailybulletin.yale.edu/article.aspx?id=8544

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Andrew Krzmarzick

On that first one – email is definitely not dead. At least not among those 35 and up…so I wouldn’t count it out yet.