Resources for Information on Federal Debt

AABPA has compiled helpful resources for information on the Federal Debt on our website.

Some of those resources include:

  • The US Treasury Department graphics that show Debt to the Penny, charts that show Public Debt Outstanding and Debt Subject to Limit of $14.294 billion, and an FAQ page that explains the difference between those two groups and other debt related issues.
  • A Congressional Budget Office primer on all things related to federal debt and interest costs. This report emphasizes “debt held by the public” in that report, but includes debt subject to limit beginning near the bottom of page 21 of the report.
  • The Governmental Accountability Office also has resources dedicated to debt and deficits.
  • And a white paper written by AABPA member Thad Juszczak that clearly explains the Debt Limit.

What other resources do you find helpful when talking about the debt debate?

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