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The Senate Has Raised The Debt Limit. Now What?

Congress has avoided going over yet another fiscal cliff, with the House passing a “clean” debt limit bill yesterday, and Senate passage happened today. This marks the fourth major piece of bipartisan legislation passed since last October’s 16-day government shutdown that includes the two-year Ryan-Murray budget agreement, the FY14 omnibus appropriations bill, and the extensionRead… Read more »

All Eyes on the Debt Ceiling – Plus the Seven Gov Stories You Need to Know

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Time is running short for Congress to raise the nation’s borrowing limit — the Treasury Department says it will run out of spending authority by Feb. 27. One of the ways the government can buy time during a default is to borrow from the G-Fund. But what does that mean forRead… Read more »

The Debt Fight Heats Up – Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Every summer, my family would load into our minivan and journey more than 21 hours to my grandparents house in Denver, Colorado. The only way I was able to distract myself, was to track our progress on the massive nation-wide maps my dad used as a navigation tool. In the 15Read… Read more »

Shutdown Ramifications (Part I): America & the World

While the government shutdown is over for now, the calamitous costs to America and the world linger. The most blatant financial costs have resulted from a major “sucker punch” to the gut of the fragile U.S. economy. This occurred at an inopportune time for America. Like a boxer absorbing a knock out blow, we wereRead… Read more »

3 Potential Outcomes to Fiscal Stalemate: how and when will it end?

According to the so-called “conventional wisdom” in Washington, the current fiscal impasse should end any day now. This is especially true as Thursday’s deadline fast approaches for dodging a disastrous debt default. Moreover, the American people’s anger continues to grow over the government shutdown. But what is considered to be Washington wisdom these days mayRead… Read more »

Shutdown + Debt Ceiling = Trouble – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: We are now on day 14 of the government shutdown and for furloughed feds the financial impact is really starting to sink in. There is still no clear answer on whether or not feds who are furloughed will receive back pay. So for now, furloughed feds have to brace for theRead… Read more »

An Upside For Feds, No Federal Pay Freeze

Later today the House will vote on a plan to effectively lift the debt limit for four months, removing, or at least postponing, the threat of default. The bill, HR 325, temporarily extends the debt limit without seeking any concessions on spending, and allows Republicans a way to avoid having to actually cast a voteRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Federal Workers Will Likely Feel the Squeeze Under New Debt Deal

The White House and Congress appear to be on the verge of closing a new agreement to fix the debt ceiling, a deal that features massive cuts and no new revenue. What does this mean for federal workers? While the deal does not include explicit cuts for federal workers, that doesn’t mean they won’t feelRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: FAA Furloughs Possibly First of Many

No one is exactly sure what will happen if Congress and the White House fail to raise the debt ceiling by August 2nd, but it might look something like the furloughs at the Federal Aviation Administration. On Saturday, the agency was forced to furlough 4,000 employees until further notice. As the Washington Post reports, federalRead… Read more »