Robert Greeves 2014 Recipient of IJIS Institute Robert P. Shumate Award

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Robert Greeves 2014 Recipient of IJIS Institute Robert P. Shumate Award

Institute honors Greeves for contributions to information sharing

Ashburn, VA (January 22, 2014). The IJIS Institute—a nonprofit organization that focuses on mission-critical information sharing and safeguarding for justice, public safety, and homeland security—is pleased to announce Robert Greeves, as the recipient of the 2014 Robert P. Shumate National Public Safety and Justice Contributor to Excellence Award.

Bob Greeves has been a senior policy advisor at the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) in the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for the past 15 years. In his long-term role as a proponent of information sharing and collaboration across the criminal justice system, Mr. Greeves was the driving force behind getting industry involved in improving information sharing in justice and public safety. He nurtured the formation of the Industry Working Group (IWG) and the creation of the IJIS institute. As part of this effort, Mr. Greeves assisted Institute founders in determining an acceptable business model and persuaded officials in the DOJ to undertake the development of a true and lasting partnership with industry – a first for the Department of Justice.

Prior to his retirement from BJA, Mr. Greeves was a constant and ever-present force for collaboration across the myriad disciplines involved in criminal justice and influenced many participants to work together to solve information sharing problems. He was an ongoing adviser to many working groups and committees and sparked innovation and interest in new approaches to solving information sharing problems, yet was attentive to the constraints of government in doing so. He was the silent partner of many committees that worked toward improving standards, architectures, and information sharing. Mr. Greeves was at the center of many of the projects successfully implemented by the IJIS institute, including the recent focus on information sharing between corrections and law enforcement, as well as work on offender re-entry.

Mike Davis, president of the IJIS Institute Board of Directors, said:

“Bob was the sparkplug for the initiation of many innovative programs in corrections and in the joint world of justice and health information systems. His advocacy for these fields led directly to new programs at the Institute, including grant funding for them. One of the long-lasting effects of Bob’s work is the continued life of the IJIS Institute and the collaboration efforts between industry and government, which has led to standards and practices not previously adopted.”

Past Recipients of the Robert P. Shumate award include:

The Robert P. Shumate Excellence Award, named for the first president of the IJIS Institute, is presented annually by the IJIS Institute to the person from either industry or the public sector that has made the most valuable contribution to justice and public safety information sharing during the past year. Candidates for the award are nominated by IJIS Institute members and affiliates, and represent the highest level of conviction to public safety information sharing.

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