Roku gets a leg up and Google Fiber goes live

Truly will be a different kind of internet than you are used to.

Here are our top technology stories of the day (26 July).

  • Today, Roku announced the investment of over $45M in their streaming service from News Corp and British Sky Broadcasting. This could help them be the number streaming service. Roku offers a number of easy to use applications for their boxes to pull down your favorite streams. Roku is battling Apple, yet working with Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video and more to bring internet services to your living room. Via Gizmodo, here.
  • Google Fiber goes live in Kansas City (which just might become the new tech mecca). This service offers 1Gb to the home, at very reasonable rates. Google also provides an inexpensive TV option that goes with the 1Gb fiber. This is truly a great day for anyone who is not an ISP. Hopefully, Google Fiber succeeds, and finds its way into a city near you. Via Google, here.
  • Hackers find bypass on Android for NFC devices. I doubt more than 20% of all Android devices even have NFC, so this article is a bit over done. But, this is clearly a potential weakness which will haunt Google if not adequately patched. NFC is a new technology, and new technologies bring new vulnerabilities, until it is locked down, I would suggest most users avoid NFC. Via Reuters, more here.
  • Sprint took a huge bath in Q2 (again) with a $629M operating loss. Apparently Sprint gambled heavily on the iPhone, which was still not enough to prove profitable for this quarter. Sprint is bailing out a sinking boat with a sieve, and we will likely soon see just 3 major US wireless carriers. Via Engadget, more here.
  • Facebook‘s first quarterly results show revenues of just over $1B with just under 1B users. While Wall Street is nonplussed with Facebook’s numbers, I believe they are a sign of things to come. Facebook is getting much of its revenue from mobile, and this is only a sign of things to come. As Zuckerberg and company figure out how to better monetize mobile, revenue will only go up. Via CNBC, here.

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