Running Into Walls


Point: We often hear stories about celebrities or professional sports players that make millions of dollars in a short timeframe then lose it all almost overnight. Now consider self-made millionaires that find opportunities in the struggles and challenges to double their net worth.  The difference between these two groups of people is how they respond when running into walls.

Advice: “Find the disguised opportunities in your problems”- Jack McDowell

If you run into a wall, do not turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. Find a mobile solution that other can adopt should they experience the same problem, test it out, and then recommend that solution to the masses.

Overcoming obstacles has a lot to do with how you respond. Individuals find themselves defeated by obstacles when they react to the problem instead of finding a strategic solution.

Consider these eight steps to overcoming any obstacle:

  1. Question the problem– What type of barrier is preventing you from your goal (personal, social, or environmental)?
  2. Determine the origin– How did the problem begin and what is causing it?
  3. Analyze the details– What aspect of the problem is affecting you negatively?
  4. Define the consequences– What concerns do you have about the problem not being addressed?
  5. Identify the positives-What good can come from the obstacle?
  6. Gain perspective– What do others think about the problem?
  7. Take control– What can you do to determine your outcome?
  8. Expand your options– What backup plan can you put in place if solution A and B do not work?

Challenge: If you run into problems change your mindset. You can learn from mistakes. Think critically and creatively, take small steps, and make the necessary sacrifices. Whatever you do, don’t quit.

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