Safety’s Just Danger, Out of Place

I don’t know about you, but when I get comfy, something is wrong. Are there exceptions to this? Although I have thought about it, I haven’t found one.

If I get too comfortable in my marriage, I need to reevaluate. Am I taking her for granted? Not appreciating her enough?

If I get too comfy in my career, I need to reevaluate. Am I not growing? Do I think I will have a job/client forever?

One of my favorite music artists, Harry Connick, Jr. had it right – Honestly Now, Safety’s Just Danger, Out of Place. Lately I have watched – yet again – too many people be comfortable with where they are and a jolt hits them unexpectedly. Like being awoken suddenly by a sharp clap of thunder immediately above their home. They are disoriented, in a little state of panic and at a loss for what to do, if anything. It is sad to watch more people go through it.

Those who are comfortable in their jobs may enjoy a season of rest, but there is a good chance it will come to an abrupt end at a very inconvenient time. Pessimistic? No. Realistic and forward looking with a dose of empowerment. A reminder to all out there: Make sure you hold the reins and you are driving the cart and that you haven’t turned it over to someone else. I’m not saying you need to be totally paranoid, however. Make sure you enjoy the journey – thoroughly.

Quoting Malcom Gladwell in The Tipping Point, “We are all, at heart, gradualists, our expectations set by the steady passage of time. But the world of the tipping point is a place in which the unexpected becomes expected, where radical change is more than a possibility. It is – contrary to all our expectations – a certainty.” Count on change.

A few reminders for everyone: Safety’s Just Danger, Out of Place. If you don’t have control of the reins, time to take it back. Get comfy being uncomfortable.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Seems like we need to incorporate “intentional, systematic disruption” into our lives…because I think we’re naturally resistant and it doesn’t just happen. I think about my dad, who twice in his career was comfortable in his current position….but life circumstances forced him to make a change that he would not have chosen, but ultimately led him to a much better place.

What that taught me: going through change is uncomfortable. But the discomfort is always temporary. And the next destination is usually far better than where you were. And not because of the destination, but because of the change it creates in you.

Clarance E. Burden

I am serious believer in not becoming to complacent in life…whether it’s work, marriage or socially. I like organization but not routine. I suggest we all mixed it up and expand our comfy zone learning to always appreciate people, places and things. Good article! I have printed off for my office mates to read.