Samsung Outsells the iPhone, Infographic yourself and more

Samsung knocked off the king this quarter, but is it good enough for their bottom line?

Here are our top tech stories for today! Please let us know if we missed anything.

  • Samsung shipped 50.5M units in its Q2, the largest quarter ever for a smartphone manufacturer. In contrast, Apple shipped around 26M units. That said, Apple is still making 2 or 3 times (at least) more profit per unit, but it’s all a number game. Additionally, their profit is up 79% from last year’s second quarter. Samsung is making such an impact by selling at every echelon of the market, unlike some competitors. Via Mashable, more here.
  • IBM Think has been released, an iPad and Android tablet application that charts the evolution of technology. This amazing application is informative, colorful and fun, so check it out at the app store of your choice. Via The Next Web, more here.
  • Vizify allows you to create the infographic of YOU (obviously your number one web concern). This web application allows you to draw down information from Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and LinkedIn to create a sweet infographic all about you. It is currently in trial phase, but might end up in your next CV. Via Engadget, more here.
  • InstAppBuilder.com has been released. This application can help you instantly build a mobile application for your event. Mobile event application can really increase the takeaway and event experience for attendees. If you have an event coming up, check it out. Via Rootz Wiki, more here.
  • Apple is continuing to purchase quality hardware and software vendors to increase their portfolio. Their latest purchase is AuthenTec, which makes secure fingerprint sensors and precision touchscreen solutions. This should really help them create biometric solutions to unlock your iPhone/iPad/iDevice (pretty awesome if you ask me). Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • Ouya, the forthcoming Android video game system, will ship with the video game delivery service OnLive at launch. OnLive allows you to stream high definition videogames to most any device, which can help those with lower-end systems play (or just demo) the latest games. The OUYA looks like it might just be the PS4 and XBOX 720 (just kidding) killer that you’ve been wanting in your living room (and as a full fledged Android computer, it might also replace your Roku or Apple TV). Via Engadget, more here.

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