Science, Technology & Wellbeing – plus community engagement by government

There’s an interesting event coming up in Canberra for Science Week, a discussion around Science, Technology & Wellbeing that seeks to build engagement between government, scientists and the community around the topic of “How can we improve our lives? And how might science and technology help?”

To be held as a free event on 18 August at Canberra’s Southern Cross Yacht Club, the aims are to build:

a clearer picture of what wellbeing means to people and current issues of concern, to experiment with thinking about science and technology in new ways, and to help develop DIISRTE’s new framework for community engagement about science and technology, STEP (Science & Technology Engagement Pathways;

The event is being run by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education and should be a very interesting glimpse into how agencies are seeking to develop new frameworks for community engagement, building off increasing public participation engendered by the growth of the internet.

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