Seeking Director of Facilities and Fleet Management – Arapahoe County, Littleton Colorado

Department of Human Resources
5334 S. Prince Street
Littleton, CO 80120

Invites Applications for the Position of:


An Equal Opportunity Employer
SALARY: $8,184.00 – $13,095.00 Monthly $98,208.00 – $157,140.00 Annually




Salary may be negotiable depending experience and qualifications.

The Director of the Facilities and Fleet Management (FFM) Department, reports directly to the Board of County Commissioners and is the Arapahoe County Government authority in the field of Facilities and Fleet Management. The FFM Director leads staff in strategic and tactical planning for the department and is accountable for the $10+ million department budget, 100+ employees, the full scope of administration and operation activities, and personnel engaged in the FFM Divisions: Administration, Project Management, Facilities Services (Building & Grounds), Distribution Services, Fleet Management, and Property Management.


The following duty statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and do not include other non essential or marginal duties that may be required. The County reserves the right to modify or change the duties or essential functions of the job at any time.

Serves as the Facilities and Fleet Management authority for Arapahoe County Government. Represents the Board of County Commissioners in matters that pertain to the business of facilities and/or fleet.
Develops policy and work procedures for the FFM department. Leads the management team of division managers who implement policy and procedures and who oversee the daily operations of the department. Delegates responsibility and control to each division manager for projects that may occur; coordinates activities and functions, supervises, trains, and reviews the work of division managers.
Provides direction to division managers for all selection, discipline, employee evaluations, leave approval, dismissal, and other human resources matters.
Assists and advises subordinates as necessary, resolving problems as situations arise and reviews various reports prepared by staff to ensure propriety of methods and techniques used to collect and analyze data, and validity of conclusions and recommendations; approves actions or makes recommendations as to procedure.
Conducts operation effectiveness reviews.
Facilitates short and long-term planning in anticipation of County needs.
Directs and reviews budget preparation, proposals and recommendations for the Department in compliance with directions issued by the Finance Department, including analyzing past expenditures to determine needs; establishes and maintains budgetary controls; complies with county purchasing procedures and implements within the department; administers approved budgets, monitoring expenditures. Presents to the Board of County Commissioners as appropriate.
Ensures proper development and maintenance of financial controls for expenditure and revenue accounting and reporting records; approve accounts payable and billings for fees charged to other County departments, and/or outside customers.
Negotiates leases for County use; negotiates and maintains contracts for departmental use; and approves payments of purchase orders, contracts, etc.
Remains current with trends and developments in fields related to the focus of the FFM department, including facilities and utilities management, fleet management, project management and financial applications that enhance the management of these and other FFM operational activities.
Serves as a member on various County committees and task forces, attending meetings and providing input based on expertise and observations, as appropriate.
Responsible for acquisition and disposal of County properties.
May act as an agent of the County in performing the various roles associated with property ownership. This array of roles performed in another setting would be described as Leaser, Property Owner, Landlord, Property Manager, and various other roles associated with property management.
Performs other duties as assigned.



Seasoned Judgment: Applies broad knowledge and seasoned experience when addressing complex/critical issues; defines strategic issues clearly despite ambiguity; takes all critical information into account when making decisions; makes timely, tough decisions.
Visionary Thinking: Has a clear vision for the business and/or operation; maintains a long term, big picture view; foresees obstacles and opportunities; generates break through ideas.
Shaping Strategy: Assists in developing distinctive strategies focused on efforts that add significant value; translates broad strategies into specific objectives and action plans; aligns the organization to support strategic objectives.
Driving Execution: Assigns clear authority and accountability; direct changes while maintaining operating effectiveness; integrates and align efforts across units and functions; monitors results; tackles problems directly without delay.
Empowering Others: Creates a culture that fosters personal investment and excellence; nurtures commitment to a common vision and shared values; gives people opportunity and latitude to grow and achieve; promotes collaboration and teamwork.
Influencing and Negotiating: Promotes ideas and proposals persuasively; shapes stakeholders opinions; projects a positive image; works through conflicts; negotiates win/win/win solutions.
Leadership Versatility: Plays a variety of leadership roles (e.g. driving, delegating, supporting, coaching), as appropriate; adapts style and approaches to match the needs of different individuals and teams.
Building Organizational Relationships: Cultivates an active network of relationships inside and outside the organization; relates well with colleagues (i.e. bosses, peers, direct reports); stays in touch with employees at all levels.
Inspiring Trust: Establishes open, candid, trusting relationships; treats all individuals fairly and with respect; behaves in accordance with expressed beliefs and commitments; maintains high standards of integrity.
Fostering Open Dialogue: Promotes a free flow of information and communication throughout the organization (upward, downward, and across); listens actively; encourages open expression of ideas and opinions.
High Impact Delivery: Delivers clear, convincing, and well-organized presentations; projects credibility and poise even in highly visible, adversarial situations.
Drive Stakeholder Success: Sets and pursues aggressive goals; drives for results; demonstrates a strong commitment to organizational success; works to do what is best for all stakeholders (customers/citizens, and employees).
Mature Confidence: Realistically appraises own strengths and weaknesses; shares credit and visibility; maintains and projects confidence, even when not supported by others.
Adaptability: Maintains a positive outlook; resists stress and works constructively under pressure; responds resourcefully to change and ambiguity.
Career and Self-development: Conveys a clear sense of personal goals and values; manages time efficiently; pursues continuous learning and self development.
Cross Functional Capacity: Understands the role and interrelationship of each organizational function (e.g. Departments and Elected Offices); has experience and skills in managing across functional and organizational lines.
Industry Knowledge: Knows what it takes to be successful in this sector/organization; has thorough knowledge of the County’s history, citizens and environment to include ability to read and interpret architectural drawings.
Public Accounting and Budgeting Knowledge: Understands accounting and budgeting principles to establish and maintain internal controls within Facilities and Fleet Management.

A commitment to communicating with all levels of the organization consistently, accurately and in a timely manner. Highly developed oral, written, presentation, interpersonal and listening skills are essential.
A commitment to teamwork and working with appropriate resources to provide the highest possible level of customer service to “user” departments and other customers.
A person who is adept at consensus building, conflict resolution, mediation and working with issues for positive resolution.
A positive commitment to embracing diversity and personnel practices that ensure that Arapahoe County is an environment which encourages individual opportunity and excellence, regardless of race, gender, individual or cultural differences.
A record of accomplishment and success in developing strategies and their execution.
A willingness to appropriately confront issues and make tough recommendations and decisions.
An active level of involvement in professional organizations and a willingness to maintain a high level of professional networking to remain on the cutting edge of public sector facilities and fleet practices.
An approachable, friendly, open and participatory management style open to and respecting input from others.
Demonstrated leadership, administrative and management skills, and an extensive level of expertise in contemporary facilities and fleet practices.
High personal energy, a positive approach, self-confidence and a sense of humor.
The ability to anticipate problems, identify alternative courses of action and prepare proactive recommendations, as well as to defend and support those recommendations before the management team and Board, when necessary, without generating conflict.
The ability to effectively create sound measurable goals and objectives to the Executive Team (E-Team), key management staff, and other County employees with the concurrent ability to translate policy decisions into operational action.
The ability to maintain confidentiality and build a high level of trust with management, supervisors and line employees.
The ability to maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, department directors and other employees while maintaining a high level of consistency and practicality.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration or related field.


Five (5) years progressive responsibility requiring the demonstration of leadership skills in Facilities Management, three (3) years of which should be senior level supervisory, administrative and/or management capacity. Experience in Fleet Management, in addition to the required experience in Facilities Management, is preferred. Nine (9) years of any equivalent combination of education and experience may be acceptable.


Must possess and maintain a valid Colorado Driver’s License
Successful completion of a criminal and motor vehicle driving record background checks are required.

This is a highly responsible and visible top management level position. This position is distinguished by the assignment of final authority and accountability for the entire Facilities and Fleet Management Department.
Work in this position is characterized by independent planning, originality and imagination to develop problem-solving techniques. The ability to effectively align research, planning and the development of executive professional, technical and administrative subordinates. This position requires a strong sense of direction, effective situational adaptability and leadership and is responsible for several major functions involving the proper use of funds, property, facilities and equipment. A multitude of operations and the analysis thereof, are necessary to achieve desired results or to determine a course of action. Responsible for discrete management of said functions and applying the prudent use of resources.
Financially, this position assumes accountability for the actions of the departments’ staff.
This position requires successful completion of pre-employment background and motor vehicle checks.
Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.

Works under the broad policy guidelines of the Board of County Commissioners.

Exercises direct supervision over divisional executive, professional, administrative and supervisory personnel as well as oversight supervision over clerical, trades and technical personnel.

Contacts are with superiors, peers, subordinates, elected officials, users, and/or vendors. Contacts require the ability to exercise a high degree of interpersonal skills to influence persons at all levels. Incumbent is accountable for the results of the contact.
Requires a high degree of interpersonal skills related to tact, sound judgment, and decision making. Information is often of a highly technical and sensitive nature and requires a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality. Requires the ability to deal with people beyond giving and receiving instructions. Must be adaptable to performing under stress, when confronted with persons acting under stress and when confronted with emergency situations.

Work generally is performed in a standard office environment. However, the FFM Director will frequently conduct project site visits, many of which will be outside, occasionally in adverse weather conditions.

The following are some of the physical demands commonly associated with this position.
No unusual physical demands are associated with this position.
Spends 75% of the time sitting and 25% of the time either standing or walking.
Occasionally lifts, carries, pulls or pushes up to 20 lbs.
Uses cart, dolley, or other equipment to carry in excess of 25 lbs.
Occasionally stoops, kneels, balances, reaches, crawls and crouches while performing office or work duties.
Verbal and auditory capacity enabling interpersonal communication through automated devices, such as telephones, radios, etc.
Constant use of eye, hand and finger coordination enabling the use of automated office machinery or equipment.
Visual capacity enabling constant use of computer or other work related equipment.


5334 S. Prince Street,
Littleton, CO 80120 EXAM #01397

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