SCOTUS Decisions 1937-1975 Now Available in Bulk from GPO

Full text of U.S. Supreme Court decisions issued from 1937-1975 — derived from the U.S. Air Force’s FLITE database — is available in bulk from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO)’s FDsys, as of 13 April 2010.

According to GPO, this FLITE file is a text-only file, of approximately 50MB, containing U.S. Supreme Court decisions from 1937 through 1975. The data is not marked up in XML, and there is no user guide accompanying the data. GPO says it does not currently have plans to mark up this data in XML or to chunk the data into smaller components. GPO says it would be interested in partnering with another organization respecting marking up this data in XML and dividing the data into smaller components. Interested organizations should contact GPO’s Office of the Chief Information Officer.

This information may be of particular interest to those developing legal information systems, and those following the Law.gov legal open government data project.

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