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More Transparency Needed for Federal Communicators to Build Public Trust

As a federal communicator, are you able to share as much information and data with the public as needed, or is real transparency just the latest buzzword? Do you often run into antiquated bureaucratic stonewalls and other internal obstacles when trying to foster greater transparency and open government? If so, this is likely problematic notRead… Read more »

I’ve Got the Whole World in My Hands: Mobile Internet Access, 24/7

Today, more and more people are gaining instant access to the internet on their cell phones. While this has some arguably negative effects on our culture, it does provide a lot of positives in regards to staying informed and maintaining easy communication. Staying Informed It’s pretty fun to browse the web from the convenience ofRead… Read more »

Understanding ‘Open’ Terminology & Solutions

Having heard so many people using the terms ‘open systems’, ‘open computing’, and ‘open source’ interchangeably, believing they all mean the same thing, it seemed appropriate to write a short blog defining some of these terms and soliciting input on other ‘open’ terminology. In general, the term ‘Open’ often refers to initiatives whose inner workingsRead… Read more »

London Conference on Cyberspace

On 1-2 November, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office will be hosting the London Conference on Cyberspace ( The conference will cover a number of different themes including social benefits of the web, economic growth and development, safe and reliable access online, cyber crime and international security. It will be an opportunity for citizens toRead… Read more »

Government Video Tips: Content Strategies that Work

As online video becomes one of the most timely, trusted ways for government to deliver information, learn how one city is using it to connect more closely with their residents. Jacob Abramson, Senior Video Production Coordinator for Surprise 11 in Surprise, Arizona, a two-time Emmy Nominated Video Producer, and14 year veteran in the Network BroadcastRead… Read more »

Technology Adoption Vs. Information Management

One of the things I’ve realized over the years, popular technology adoption does not equate to business productivity. It may actually be the reverse; when a technology becomes all the rage and takes on fad-like status, it rapidly gets out of control resulting in all manner of side effects. SharePoint is one such example. BeingRead… Read more »

Remembering the Alliance for Digital Equality Newark, NJ Event

Recently, as my firm engaged in some social and mobile campaigns targeting urban consumers (highly successful due to the large adoption rates for advanced mobile devices), I began to wonder if “access to broadband” was still a needed conversation. Between smart phones, iPads, public wifi (starbucks and others commonly offering it free), and personal mobileRead… Read more »

WikiLeak Proof

Originally published on 10 Dec 2010 at ECM Gov Blog. The latest WikiLeaks release and subsequent media storm has caused me to think about the role that ECM plays in content security. When all of our records were on paper, they were easily lost, compromised, copied, and destroyed. However, in the digital age, when weRead… Read more »