Seek Out Consistency In Others – A Rule for Your Success

To really be effective this rule takes knowing a little something about the person you are attempting to influence, either before you engage them, or through some probing questions. It can work without knowing anything about the person, but you will find yourself more effective when you do.

Often times we experience situations in which people say one thing and do another. Chances are when that happens, what you asked them to do was not consistent with their values. When we know and understand an individual’s values and pose our request in alignment with those values, there is a greater likely hood that they will do what they say. As we see in the movie clip Despicable Me, little Agnes, having already gotten Gru to attend one ballet class, makes him pinky promise to attend another. This of course is reinforced still by the mothers sitting next to him. (You can view Gru’s pinky promise on Youtube at

In the workplace and in the home, I find that families and organizations who openly and consistently discuss their core values experience a greater degree of success than those who don’t. Why? Because when individuals publicly express their values and then are asked to commit to something aligned with those values, they experience the intrinsic desire to be consistent. Organized religions ask followers to publicly profess their faith. Car dealers ask “What will it take to buy this car today?” Nonprofits appeal for donations from donors that are consistent with individual and corporate core values or who already have a history of giving.

You can apply the principle of consistency with yourself as well. If you refer to Success Rule number 1, “Success, it’s everything you think it is”. The more you reinforce your desires with your own thoughts and publicly announce those desires, the more likely you will be to follow through.

Although there is a great deal of “selling” going on around us, in both our personal and professional lives, showing and seeking consistency can provide the results needed for our success.

Be Extraordinary! When you’re not being extraordinary, be awesome instead.

Founder & CEO

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Photo courtesy of my EA, Cindy Lee and her grand children Trinity & Kayleigh

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