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The Principle of Authority – A Rule for Your Success

“When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”. Check out the YouTube video.  I’m sure you’ve seen commercials where a doctor, dentist, athlete or a celebrity has recommended a product. This is the principle of authority at work, suggesting, if doctors, dentist or E.F. Hutton recommends it, well, it must be worth having. Knowing how to useRead… Read more »

Raise Your Likeability

It’s been said that everyone can light up a room — some when they enter, and others when they leave. Which type of person are you? Likeable? Or not so much? Research has consistently proven that we are inclined to respond positively to people whom we like. That means we buy from those we like,Read… Read more »

Consensus – Is There Safety in Numbers?

Why do you think McDonald’s started putting the number served on their Golden Arches? This principle relies on an individual’s sense of safety in numbers, uncertainty, and when others seem to be similar to us. Safety in numbers may simply mean one other person from the office. If faced with indecision, an individual will moreRead… Read more »

Leverage Scarcity for Success

Several years ago I met an extraordinary gentleman during a seminar I was presenting in Columbus, Ohio. We continue to be friends to this day. But equally as important, he has become a much respected colleague. Brian Ahearn is a certified trainer for the Principles of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini. The basis for theRead… Read more »

Seek Out Consistency In Others – A Rule for Your Success

To really be effective this rule takes knowing a little something about the person you are attempting to influence, either before you engage them, or through some probing questions. It can work without knowing anything about the person, but you will find yourself more effective when you do. Often times we experience situations in whichRead… Read more »

Practice Reciprocity – A Rule For Your Success

The late Zig Ziglar, a well-known author, sales trainer and motivational speaker, is credited with saying, “You can get anything in this world you want – as long as you are willing to help others get what they want”. Too often however our focus is either on what we want, or what we think othersRead… Read more »

Be Tenacious! – A Rule for Your Success

There are many personal challenges in life, such as illness and death of those close to you, marriage, birth of a child, a divorce. For me , it’s been a career change for my wife and subsequent sale of a home with a move and purchase of a new home. Some say successful people justRead… Read more »

Don’t Let The Insecurities Of Others Affect Your Dreams

You are going to be surrounded by others who aren’t familiar with the rules and tools for success. They are not going to know what you know. They are not going to be Success Rule Followers. Their level of success will be measured in terms of mediocrity. They will be quick to blame others and/orRead… Read more »

Success Rule #42 – Be Financially Fit

Pretty simple rule, yet one that is often ignored or at a minimum, not really understood. We grow up not really being taught how to manage our finances and so we go to college, or perhaps get a job. We then get a checking account, a credit card…or two, or three, start spending, accumulating debt,Read… Read more »