Seeking to meet GovLoop government workers for article, May 14-20

I’ll be visiting DC from Boston on the May 16-17 weekend and have some
time on surrounding days to talk to federal government workers who are
carrying on efforts in your agencies on the open government

My intent is to write an article describing the psychological and
social side of this work: the excitement, the strains on the workers
and their institutions, the barriers and the creative ways you’re
dealing with them. I’d like to profile several workers and agencies,
keeping you anonymous if necessary. If you find this interestinga and
would like to to share ideas or experiences, please write to me.

I haven’t worked for a government, but I’ve written a lot on the
intersection of computer technology and social policy, including
articles about Peer-to-Patent in The Economist and Communications of
the ACM. I’m an editor at O’Reilly Media, working mostly on books
about software engineering and open source technologies. Here are a
few of the articles that might interest you and show what I’ve done:

The Hard Questions in Broadband Policy

Key Policy Issues To Watch In Telecom

The Sap and the Syrup of the Information Age: Coping with Database
Protection Laws

Reputation: where the personal and the participatory meet up

The Long View of Identity

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Mark D. Drapeau

Hey Andy. Really great to see people reaching “in” to DC like this when they have something good to offer. I believe we chatted earlier and would be happy to try to meet with you while you’re in town. But more importantly, I hope that others see your example here on GovLoop and follow it.

Andy Oram

Yes, I’m committed to seeing you, Mark, and I’m hoping other people see that I have a particular story I want to get out that’s worth telling.