Senate vote on same-sex benefits for gay partners of federal workers ‘within weeks’

The Senate could vote on a bill extending fringe benefits to the same-sex partners of gay federal employees “within weeks” and well
before July 4, according to aides to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman

The Nutmeg State senator is lead sponsor of the measure, which would cost an estimated $310 million through 2020, according
to the Congressional Budget Office

That’s a notable, but not terribly hefty price tag by Washington standards, and Lieberman is fine with the anticipated cost.

“This legislation would cost about two-hundredths of a percent of the federal government’s overall costs for the civilian
workforce,” Lieberman said Tuesday. “That is a very small price to pay
for the improvements we would see in recruitment, retention, and morale.
OPM has committed to provide an offset for the legislation before it is
enacted, making it that much more reasonable.”

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