Separating Fact from Fiction on Virtual Events

People, Profits, and So What? Virtual Events: State of the Sector
A panel of experts debates the latest research on virtual conferences
Thursday, May 31,
2:00pm – 3:15pm Eastern time
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Please join me for an important webinar Thursday, May 31 @ 2:00pm U.S. Eastern.

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You’ve heard all the viewpoints. People who “attend” online conferences like them better than physical conferences. People who attend online conferences miss the personal contact of physical conferences. Virtual conferences can make you more money than in-person conferences. Virtual conferences don’t make you money and that’s not the point of them anyway. Online events are the wave of the future. Online events are a passing trend.

Ever since conferences took to the clouds, the sky has been hazy with unanswered questions, speculation, and opposing opinions. Recently, the research firm Tagoras decided to clear the air a bit.

Tagoras founders Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele have published a report based on a survey of the people who should know – representatives from 375 organizations that are serious about leveraging technology for their meeting and education needs. Jeff and Celisa are pretty serious too. Their report is 121 information-packed pages supported by extensive data and interviews, and it addresses all the key questions about virtual conferences, present and future.

Questions like: Who’s actually doing these events and how often and whatever for? How successful are they and why or why not and how do we measure success anyway? Can virtual conferences attract the younger “I like to mingle” crowd or do you have a better chance with the older “I don’t have a spare minute” crowd?

Five “experts” who have planned association and government-sponsored virtual events are gathering with Jeff, Celisa and me to share their experiences, discuss the results of the survey, and even offer some predictions for the future. And because answers have a way of leading to even more questions, you’ll be able to contribute your own queries or comments.

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