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Gov Meetings Go Virtual — critical training on government virtual meetings

When I created the Gov Meetings Go Virtual online course in 2012 I had two main objectives. The first was to create an easy-to-understand curriculum that could raise everyone’s understanding of virtual events. The second was to create the first-ever learning community focused on virtual events, and hub for learning, networking and best practice sharing.Read… Read more »

The Washington Redskins need a name change – and so do these terms

President Obama recently suggested that the Washington Redskins change their name to something less offensive. Owner Dan Snyder responded last week with an impassioned letter that ends “We are Redskins Nation … and we owe it to our fans and coaches and players, past and present, to preserve that heritage.” I imagine this same toneRead… Read more »

Hybrid conference: International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

Greetings colleagues, I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Butler and ICMA for the past two years. Julie was charged with extending the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) annual meeting to a worldwide government professional virtual audience. Police and emergency services are struggling with lower tax revenues and reduced budgets, upsetting their traditionalRead… Read more »

Gov Meetings Go Virtual — Online certificate course on webinars, virtual meetings

Is your agency’s mission at risk because critical meetings and conferences are being cancelled or drastically reduced due to travel budget cuts and conference approval restrictions? Don’t give up on your important meetings and conferences. Take this 6-week Government Virtual Events Producer (GVEP) certificate program and you’ll quickly build the skills your agency needs toRead… Read more »

TODAY 11am Eastern — Learn how to launch and grow virtual peer learning groups!

iCohere Education Series Webinar Thursday, August 8, 11:00am to Noon Eastern (TODAY!) Join Sue Brundege of Integrated Work Solutions and Lance Simon of iCohere in a webinar that explains how government agencies can create virtual “Peer Brain Trusts” to clarify strategies, build skills, and troubleshoot complex issues more quickly and efficiently than any one employeeRead… Read more »

iCohere Education Series Webinar: Virtual Peer Learning Case Study, August 8

iCohere Education Series Webinar This webinar is free for government employees. Thursday, August 8, 11:00am to Noon Eastern Peer learning can be particularly effective for government agencies, where the need for expertise is strong, yet training and development resources are limited. In this live interactive webinar, participants will hear about the purpose and benefits ofRead… Read more »

Gov Meetings Go Virtual — Already know the answers? Let’s find out.

Greetings, Here are 5 of the questions that we will cover in the Gov Meetings Go Virtual six week online training course starting May 21. The purpose of this groundbreaking, GSA approved course is to equip you with the tools you need to run successful webinars and hybrid/virtual meetings for the government agency(ies) you serveRead… Read more »

Your colleagues have a few choice words for you!

Over 100 of your peers have completed the Gov Meetings Go Virtual online training course to learn about planning and implementing government webinars and hybrid/virtual meetings. Now they have a few things to tell you — “The course met my learning objectives”: 87.5% “I will recommend this course to my colleagues”: 90% “The instructorRead… Read more »

“Gov Meetings Go Virtual” online course starts March 7 – Learn the answers to these 10 questions!

Is learning the answers to the following 10 questions important to your job and your agency’s mission? If “Yes” then I urge you to enroll in our Gov Meetings Go Virtual online course – Spring semester starts March 7! What is the difference between a webinar and a virtual meeting/conference? What are the keyRead… Read more »