“Serving the Public Interest: Providing Citizens with the Public Service They Deserve” – by Rebecca Eby


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As I approach the final year of my graduate program I look forward to
acquiring the knowledge necessary to become a competent and
compassionate public servant. In my future work as a public
administrator, my focus will be on serving the public interest and
fulfilling the needs of my community. By efficiently, effectively, and
economically solving community issues, I hope to provide solutions that
will benefit both current and future generations, as well as providing
equal opportunity to all.

By serving as a local government administrator, my work will have a
direct affect on the daily lives of citizens. My decisions will
determine their ability to receive clean drinking water, have safe and
well-maintained roads, and be able to provide their children with a
proper education. I look forward to working with community leaders,
elected officials, and other public servants to provide the highest
level of these services to all members of my community. I hope to
create programs that will allow our public school system to continue to
successfully educate and guide children toward future success. I would
like to engage in the creation of community parks, and recreation
facilities, that allow families and community members to come together
and enjoy the benefits of their community. By building community
networks, and engaging community members in the work of local
government, I hope to strengthen the bonds of community. This will
allow me to provide community members with the best programs and
services possible, allow me to reach my ultimate goal of serving the
public interest.

As a graduate assistant at the Hugo Wall School at Wichita State
University, I have already begun my work as a public servant by working
with elected officials and public administrators within my community.
This real-world experience, along with my academic record and strong
commitment to public service, qualifies me as a deserving candidate for
the GovLoop Scholarship. This scholarship will provide me with the
means to continue my academic and professional development and allow me
to continue my pursuit towards a career in public service.

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